Tuesday, August 14, 2007

SPSC [Tuk Tuk] TVC www.skyexits.com Thailand

Product: SPSC
Title: Tuk Tuk
TVC http://www.skyexits.com/
Agency: Flagship Bangkok
Bangkok Thailand
Film Director: AUM : Suvinit Pornnavalai

This man accidentally gets his hand stuck in the grinder. His wife just comes in and sees what happened to her husband, so she screams and hurry to take him to the hospital.
On the way, She thinks about the medical bill “Who will take care of these bills?”. She tells the driver to stop at the pawn shop to trade her gold necklace for the money.
She then calls the doctor to make sure that if he is available but suddenly the doctor shows up on the back of the motorcycle to show that he is already here.
Not all, she is still worry about the bed, if there will be a bed available for her husband? , so she stops by to buy a bed herself but at last she hasn’t decide which hospital
to go yet. Then, the driver stops the car to ask…..”Which hospital are you going?”

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