Thursday, November 15, 2007

Close Up : Toothpaste : Revenge Fatal Attraction love story TV Commercial Campaign

Product: Close Up : Toothpaste
Title: Revenge Fatal Attraction
TVC Campaign
Agency: JWT Bangkok
Bangkok Thailand
Film Director: AUM : Suvinit Pornnavalai

A fatal Attraction begins at one rush morning where a man late for his job interview and a woman late for her work. They both call a taxi but just only one cab arrives. It’s a battle of the sexes with Close up Toothpaste as their secret weapon. When a both see each other eyes, the attraction spark and a man have to maintain himself as a gentlemen. He gives up the fight and let a woman has a cab. Before she gets in a man give a smile to her. With Close Up Toothpaste that has a new formula that gives his teeth sparkling white, a women got blind after a man smile and he take a cab instate.

The revenge continue when a man arrive at the office for job interview. He sits down, make himself comfortable and wait for interviewer to arrive. A little know that the interviewer is actually a same woman who he just took a cab instate of her. She low herself down slowly and gently greet him with a nice and clean breath from a new formula of Close Up Toothpaste. Now it’s a woman turn for her revenges.