Tuesday, November 20, 2007

GOLDEN KNIGHT : Scott Whisky : Title : NINJA TV Commercial Sky Exits Thailand

Product: GOLDEN KNIGHT : Scott Whisky
Title: NINJA
TVC http://www.skyexits.com/
Agency: Leo Burnett Bangkok
Bangkok Thailand
Film Director: AUM Suvinit Pornnavalai

Ninja, is an ancient Japanese warier who lived in the shadow and had many knowledge about weapons and martial arts. The way to throw things was one of that knowledge. Back to present, a man who love to throw things around and believe it or not, he hit the bull’s eyes all the time. One night he comes across a thief who just runs away with a woman purse in his hand. To save the day, our man grabs a rock and throws it toward a thief from far distant and hit at the back of a thief’s head. Golden Knight Thai whisky believes that everyman can become a hero if he knows what he’s doing.

Director Comment:
“As far as a research goes, if you have a new brand of whisky and a new look for TVC, Thai people wouldn’t give a shit. They just drink them all.”