Wednesday, November 21, 2007

PCCW Mobile Phone : Title : MTR Hong Kong : TVC

Product: PCCW Mobile Phone
Title: MTR Hong Kong
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong
Bangkok Thailand
Film Director: AUM Suvinit Pornnavalai

A group of hooligans biggest football fanatical, travel on MTR subway to watch a live football match but got stuck and late for the game. Once they spot a rival football fan travel alone, they start to pick up a fight. But once they discover that an unfortunate young man is actually watching a live football match via his mobile. The hooligans become a softy and enjoy a live football match together with they rival.

Behind The Scence Making of The Movie by
Shooting in Sky Exits Studio Bangkok Thailand
Product: PCCW Mobile Phone
Title: MTR Hong Kong
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong

Film Director: AUM Suvinit Pornnavalai

PCCW Moblie Phone : MTR : Shooting Board , Story and Film Director Treatment

Around 21.59 in MRT, the 3 English hard core Manchester United fans were their football club jerseys (same color but difference style), stand there anxiously.

Fan 1: (He look at his wrist watch some look around and wish to get to the destination ASAP.)
Fan 1: The match has already kicked off man!!! It’s all you bloody faults we’re late!!!

(Fan 1 blame the others because of Fan 2 was late and make them late for a big match)

Fan 2: Eh, eh! Calm mate! I’m sure they haven’t start yet

(Even though, Fan 2 knew the match already begun because they kicked off at 22.00 at Hong Kong time Fan 1 gives Fan 2 a sarcastic look and thought Yeah bloody right mate!!!)

Fan 3: We’ve still got ten stops to go….um…

(Fan 1 and Fan 2 turn around and give Fan 3 a disapprove look just like if Fan 3 didn’t say anything that wouldn’t make the world explored. In the other word Would you just shut up!!!)

While the 3 English hard core Manchester United fans still argue, the camera will focus on the hip hop teenager behind the trio and wearing a head set in his ears. However, he didn’t move like the other hip hop teenager. Matter of fact, his face fills with anxiousness. His eyes fixed on the mobile screen like he wants to jump inside the screen. He bit his nails and whisper to himself like he cheering something. Later on we know that this teenager is one of the hard core Chelsea fan because we can see a Chelsea scarf wrap around his neck.

The actions of our hip hop teenager caught the 3 English hard core Manchester United fans and ignite the “Hooligans” feeling inside them all. They though what the hell who you think you are? If you want to listen to the music, then why the hell you wear that scarf for? Do you know who we are? We are the flesh and blood of the RED ARMY.

The 3 Pommies walk around the poor hip hop kid and we can see the difference in size between our kid and the 3 hard core red army fans. All of sudden, on of the 3 pommies stop short and look at, appears to be MP3 player, in our kid’s hand.

However, it’s not a MP3 player like they thought. It’s PCCW mobile phone which has a big match that they want to see on the screen. OH SWEET MOTHER OF GOD!!! IT’S A TV!!! IT’S PCCW MOBILE PHONE!!!!

Fan 1: (Pointing in amazement and ask our kids in struggle Cantonese) Zhuk Kau? Is that…..?

Kid:(Nods smugly)….Yeah!!! Live! Tsik bor….Only in Hong Kong

He show them the phone.

The fans stand there stunned staring at the screen and slowly back at our hip hop kid.

Fan 3: Er… do you think we can get a beer in here as well. (All laugh)

VO: Just one monthly tariff brings you the UEFA Champion’s League, FA Cup, all the next season’s Premier League and much more, live on your handset. It’s a world first from PCCW mobile

VO: Call 28881888 to sign up today.

We cut back at our hard core fans where our hip hop kid stand in the middle among 3 giants and watch the games on the PCCW mobile. Then Manchester United score the goal. The 3 pommies bust out a big loud cheer with happiness and fulfilling which make our kid disappoint and piss off.

All of sudden he turn off the screen and put his PCCW mobile back in his pocket and walk away.

The 3 hard core Manchester United fan stop cheering with disappointment and look at our kid while he walks away.