Wednesday, December 12, 2007

NOBLE NANO : Condominium : Enlighten TV Commercial

Passion and desire is sins in Buddhism.

Product: NOBLE NANO [Condominium]
Title: Enlighten
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok
Bangkok Thailand
Film Director: AOD : Anurux Jansanjai

This man is having a party in his place, all these women seems to want him and having fun. He walks down the stairs and see a man lay down on the stairs among
this heavy party. In the dining room, he sees group of people on the table enjoying their foods like they will never satisfy their hunger.
In the Hall, he sees these 2 people talking but in his view he sees them as the materialisms talking which they are having an expensive speaker on their head.
The next scene, he sees the fortune teller who tells the foreseen future of the people which this kind of story can make people cry either laughs.
Still not enough, he sees the foam party with the hot chicks and a bunch of teens who are crazy about their rides.
He leaves the place by his car with his driver, he sees the beggar sleep on the street, the girls on the street wanting him, the mother leaving her child in the dark street,
a woman wearing a red cabaret dress licking an ice cream next to his window, a man standing angrily with a stick that dipping bloods on his hand.

All of these images run through his head, till this time he has enough and he decided to leave this place. He goes into the wood and leaves everything behind
He wash his face in the river and sees himself in the water, he realizes something…..,
To find the peace of his life, he sits under the tree quietly, closes his eyes and meditates with the deer around him.

Break the cycle of distraction. Head for Nirvana
Noble Condominiums, Design for Serenity.

Behind The Scene Making of The Movie
Noble Nano Enlighten Short Version

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