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Service and support all everything about film

Sky Exits is a films production house in Bangkok Thailand service and support all everything about film, Established in 1982 and made TVC commercial more than 6,000 TVC in Asia , the company has met the ever greater demand for timely and quality services to Thai and international clients in these areas. The company's principals have lived and worked in Thailand and South East Asia for more than a decade, and possess fluency in several of the region's languages and cultures.
…Individually we strive for excellence in our areas of expertise, as a company, we are ready to meet your needs and ensure your satisfaction.

As a full-service film and Video production company, we offer film permit acquisition, casting, location scouting, catering, camera equipment, film processing, transportation, accommodation, crewing and access to a wide range of production equipment and post-production facilities.

Sky Exits Film clients are numerous and varied, and each has presented us with interesting challenges to out-perform ourselves. It has been through these multi-faceted demands that we have grown strong, and excelled in our areas of expertise.

Contact us: Tel no. + 66 2933 6470 / Fax no. + 66 2530 3666
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(Juh Mobile Phone no. + 66 8 5070 1205)

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