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We have been associated

Company Profile:We have been associated with various prestigious International and Thailand organizations. We have been facilitating them in the entire shooting process.
The location scouting, location permissions and fixing, Logistics, Assigning crew, Coordination on shoot and other logistic activities are our forte. We can handle Features Films/ Commercials/ Documentaries Films/ Still Shoots / Promos/ Serials / Music VDO / Events Management in Thailand.
We could look for a location depending on your script and story board. We can e-mail you some of the photographs to give you a right idea of the location.
As per ones requirement we can arrange permissions from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Home and any other government authority wherever required for shooting (Railways, Civil Aviation, and Archeological Survey of Thailand etc.). All private permission could also be obtained.We can negotiate with hotels, transporters, arrange for custom clearance for equipments to get the shoot planed and arrange on a daily basis. And thereafter do the post production as per your requirement
Work Profile :-
• Location scouting and location racy. • Heading the Production & Technical Department.• Preparing of Budget for the all In-House Programmed.• Planning of the Technical configuration of the Broadcast Equipment for the Studio Set-up • Roistering of the Technical Crew and assigning there duties.• Managing the logistic of the shooting equipment.• Preparing MIS for the utilization of the Equipment & Technical Manpower.• Co-ordination of the vehicles• Facilitating the shooting crew.• Arranging for the freelancer technical Crew if required.• Finalization of the rate and the payment terms.• Arranging for the technical Crew and equipment.• Controlling of Production during the shoot. • Arranging for the Broadcast Equipment. • Arranging for the Technical Crew and assigning there duties.
Our Services:
We provide complete infrastructural support for foreign and Thailand film producers along with the following services:LOCATION SCOUTING:• Location best suited to your script and storyboard.• E-mail you the photographs of the location that give you a right idea
PERMISSION / VISA:• From the ministry of information and broadcasting• From the ministry of external affairs, ministry of home and other local government authority• All private permission is also arranged. • And also visa clearance• Customs clearance of equipment (import and re-export)• Work visas clearance for the entire crew
BUDGET: • The costing of total project professional.• We are proud of our reliability and the fact that we have never gone over budget in the past.
HIRING OF CREW AND TECHNICAL PEOPLE:• We can provide Experienced Crew • Technical people who have been worked with foreign crew earlier.
CASTING:• Proper casting for your project • Only experienced casing Directors.
HOTEL AND TRANSPORTATION:• Air ticketing domestic and international• Negotiate with hotels • Transporter
CATERING:• All Kind Of Multi-cuisine A, B, C Catering In Budget
SECURITY/POLICE PROTECTION/ INSURANCE:• We mainly concern about crew safety• We can provide security and insurance for equipments, main talent-cast, crew set. • Insurance of cast and crew and set
SETTING UP PRODUCTION OFFICE:• Stock • Art, Property (Prop) And Set• Legal Assistance• Information about weather dept. • Processing and editing facilities• Translators• POST PRODUCTION SERVICE• ANY THING, WHICH MEET YOUR PROJECT'S REQUIREMENT.
Ad films
We have successfully completed many ad films and promos with very well known names in the world of Ad Film Shooting.
We provide complete services required for Ad Film Shooting and Promos at very reasonable charges.
You can search the locations in seconds to identify a shortlist of places that meet your Ad film requirements. Our detailed information about Thailand climate and geography enables you to quickly compare possibilities.
We have experienced team of Ad film Shooting professionals who have worked earlier with international projects and who understand better needs of international crew.

Contact us: Tel no. + 66 2933 6470 / Fax no. + 66 2530 3666
E-mails us: , ,
(Juh Mobile Phone no. + 66 8 5070 1205)

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